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Whether you are new or ready to grow your business, our events will inspire you to learn, grow and develop.

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    Understand how to build and grow your business

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Hear why our leaders attend events!

“Juice Plus+ events offer me an opportunity to reflect and develop new professional relationships, meet new friends, create a sense of community, gain knowledge and become more successful in my career.”

Constance Ohanusi, PMD+ 
United Kingdom

“Conference is a cornerstone in building belief in our company, our product, our mission and in ourselves. Juice Plus+ events can be truly lifechanging.”

Linda Evenden, PMD+
Australia/New Zealand

“Juice Plus+ events inspire us to connect with others, learn and grow our business. Make a big impact to the Juice Plus+ Community by creating and promoting your own events!”

Zvonko Kurkic, PMD

“Events are where the magic happens! Events help build one's belief in our product, business, company, one's self and team. It's also an opportunity for people to experience our contagious community and witness our mission driven hearts of inspiring healthy living around the world!”

Brandy Foss, PMD
United States of America

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Highlights from our latest events worldwide.

Berlin, Germany 2023
Anaheim, CA, USA 2022
London, UK 2022
Lyon, France 2022
Warsaw, Poland 2022
Paris, France 2020
Austin, TX, USA 2019
Melbourne, Australia 2019
Edinburgh, UK 2019
Torino, Italy 2019
Hamburg, Germany 2019
Austin, TX, USA 2019
Granada, Spain 2019
Sacramento, CA, USA 2019
Tampa, FL, USA 2018
Glow Party, USA 2018
Barcelona, Spain 2018